Digital marketing, business, shopping or working online, these are things that appeared in the last century. In these last years, the world knew an enormous evolution in technologies. But, it is in 2020 when the world went 100% digital. The coronavirus pandemic started spreading all over the world. Suddenly most of countries went into lockdown, everything is closed. More people started to work online, buy their clothes and food online, and even making relationships on the net. Now with a bigger audience than ever before, if you have a business, you must have a good digital marketing plan and learn how to do this in order to stay ahead of the competition. This is one reason why you need a good digital marketing strategy for your business. If that’s not enough, we have another ten reasons why you should build a strong effective digital marketing strategy.

1 Digital marketing is a plan to succeed

When you don’t have a digital marketing for your business, you are not only missing out on commercial opportunities. That means you are not trying enough for success. Because you are ignoring a strong tool that can double your audience if you use it wisely. In the time where people spend most of their time facing their Smartphone/laptop, you must reach them through these tiny devices. Having a business plan and a digital marketing strategy will help you grow your business and move step forward towards success. A digital marketing strategy will help you keep your current customers, and get new ones.

2 Multiple media options

If an ad is boring, no one will buy your products or services. When you create a page for your business and make a good digital marketing strategy, and you provide interesting content with mixture of exciting photos, videos and good content, customers will engage with you and will get the message you are trying to deliver. Like that you increase the chance of customers buying your products.

3 Targeting and Tracking

When using traditional marketing forms like Tv commercials for example. You publish an ad, and customers will see it on their screen, that’s it. New digital marketing tools like social media gives you the ability to target your customers. Targeting will be based on many different criteria: their job, their age, their family situation, their field of study, their interest. Yes , you have it all. Having all these information will help you create the perfect ad destined to a specific targeted category of customers.

After you launch your ad, you can also track your customers. You can track what interested them, what type of content they are reacting to. Tracking will help you identify what your customers like, and you can improve your next commercial every time to get better results.

4 digital marketing makes you compete

A well thought out marketing strategy will make you able to be one step ahead of your competitors. Even if your company is new and you don’t have a strong base of customers. It will help you identify niche market areas that are untouched, so you will have more audience.

5 an affordable option

 Digital marketing is quite affordable when compared to traditional forms of marketing. Different platforms have different prices but ad spending is lower than certain marketing methods. Therefore, due to its low costs, digital strategies yield a greater return on investment than those traditional methods.

6 A clear path          

If your company doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy, it’s directionless. By implementing a digital marketing plan with clear goals. You will have a clear path. Every time you do an ad, you will analyze the results. You will use developed features like tracking to see what you did wrong, and what you need to change to target your customers in a better way and get better results. That’s called campaign flexibility. A good digital marketing strategy will help you build long term relationships with your customers, and consistently gaining more audience.

7 You’re wasting money and time through duplication

If you are not making a good and clear digital marketing strategy. You will lose track, because you don’t really know what you did (you can’t track your efforts). And you can’t see what you did wrong and what you did right (what your customers are into, what made them engage with your company). Like that, it’s going to be very hard to improve your results in the future.

8 Digital marketing Builds your brand’s reputation

All the big brands we know (Samsung, Amazon…) started as small companies, and worked their way to the top. One very important factor that made them succeed is building a big image and reputation through marketing.

9 make better use of your resources

Digital marketing will help you use your resources in a better way. For example with good tracking and targeting, you will get better results for less money spend on your ad campaigns. Note that employees, technologies are also resources, and digital marketing will help you use them in a very efficient way. A combination of the right digital marketing strategy, a tight but effectively used budget, the understanding of key digital marketing practices and useful tools can see your profits soar.

10 Brand awareness

Brand awareness is basically how much do you know the market targeted by your business. With digital marketing campaigns, you will be learning a lot about your market in order to make good results and grow the company’s engagement and content distribution.


Nowadays, having a good and well studied digital marketing strategy is essential for the growth and success of your business. You have to reach your customers through their phones and laptops. through social media in a good fun way (using different features and media like images and videos). making a good digital marketing strategy will make you great results with less money compared to traditional marketing tools. You will target your audience in a very specific way based on what the like, you will be able to track their engagements and make even better results.

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Digital marketing, business, shopping or working online, these are things that appeared in the last…


Digital marketing, business, shopping or working online, these are things that appeared in the last…